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Compliance PI Update

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- We're still [building out the compliance features]( that are tracked by this metric. This improvement work will take longer than desired to complete since we do not have enough people to ship any faster. We expect iterations to ship on a continuous basis across each of these features.
- Setting a target is premature since we're still collecting initial data. We would like to collect a total of 6 months worth of data before setting a target.
- Result: Increased GMAU by ~25% in December [by making Audit Events available to Developers and making the feature more discoverable](
- Adding a [Change Management view]( to the Compliance Dashboard. Planned for `Q2 2021`.
- Improving PAT & SSH [credential management]( Ongoing with expected epic completion in `Q2 2021`.
- Adding [additional credentials]( to the credential inventory. Planned for `Q3 2021`
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- We're [investigating]( the sudden data disruption for this chart.
- In Q3 we saw 936 new projects use compliance frameworks. These were a limited selection of 5, hard-coded options. We are targeting a 10% increase in adoption by making these frameworks [customizable](
- Additionally, we're using a conservative target for now while we focus on [several improvements]( to the underlying feature that drives this metric.
- We're iterating on [compliance framework labels]( to give them more utility and solve several standardization and enforcement problems for customers. [Next iteration]( expected in `13.7`.
- We're continuing iteration on [compliance frameworks]( to give them more utility and solve several standardization and enforcement problems for customers.
- We're adding an improvement to give organizations [better control]( of who can add or modify these frameworks at the project level in `13.8`.
- We expect the next iteration, consisting of [frontend]( and [backend]( additions to ship in `13.9`. This iteration is particularly important for the reason below.
- By `13.10` we expect compliance frameworks to fully support one of our most requested solutions, [group compliance pipelines](, as a required step to implement it, which we expect to drive even more adoption of compliance frameworks.
status: Complete
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