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- Achieved - Target of 3900 (3943 actual GMAU for epic creation)
- Insight - [Epic creation]( for Saas continues to grow. Self-Managed was stable, but that could be due to the [Janauary Redis HLL bug](
- Insight - Our Premium and Ultimate customers spike their epic creation in December
- [epic creation by Ultimate and Premium self managed customers](
- Improvement - [Epic Boards]( MVC 1 is planned to ship in 13.10 and should continue the trend into the end of FY21 by enabling Portfolio-level planning.
- Improvement - [Epic Swimlanes]( shipped in 13.6
- Improvement - [Epic Swimlanes]( shipped in 13.6
- Closed - original [PI issue for epic creation](
status: Complete
- xMAU for creation is now complete and target achieved for 3900
- Closed original [northstar metric issue](
- We are holding off on creating a new target until we implement new tracking for all Epic Interaction xMAU by 13.10
- Opened [new instrumentation issue]( and [data dasboard issue]( in 13.10 to create an XMAU dashboard like the Project Plannng team so we are consistent in tracking all epic interations.
- Dashboarding - will open a new Dashboard issue for the full interaction data
- We consider our Epic Creation GMAU as "Complete", but our next target will be set after a second instrumentation
- Instrument "all epic interactions" during 13.9 - 13.10 [Instrumentation issue]( and [Dasboard issue](
- A new target will be selected when we have a baseline
metric_name: epics
chart: 9980303
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