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- We saw a 3.5% drop in Dev Section TMAU between Nov 2020 and Dec 2020. UMAU dropped 5.2% as a reference point.
- Despite the drop, the Dev section has already achieved our end of Q4 target of 2.75M TMAU by 300K users.
- TMAU drops were the largest for Create. Plan declined slightly by 3K users and Manage increased by 8K users, most likely because of upgrades as the GMAU was only turned on by default in 13.5.
- Self-managed TMAU increased, but SaaS significantly decreased, likely to free users declining due to seasonality - as a next step, we'll work to add a 4th graph in this section with TMAU broken out by tiers, including free and paid.
- Insight - instances with large amounts of users are unlikely to upgrade immediately, typically taking a few months to do so. So, our larger instances were likely counted as estimated earlier and as the larger instances upgrade, what we'll likely see is that estimated uplift was under reported early. It's difficult to tell if it will be over reported as our largest self-managed instances are unlikely to ever report back. It will be interesting to see how the uplifts change when we base the uplift on users instead of subscriptions.
- Improvement - For All Usage, address the [problems](
that emerged out of the Category Maturity Scorecard exercise for Issue Tracking
and continue making progress on [usability improvements](
for existing Plan features.
- Improvement - For All Usage, Merge Request [usability improvements](
- Improvement - For All Usage, [MR reviewers]( will make us more competitive with GitHub and should help with the lovability of assigning merge requests
- Improvement - For All Usage, [Iterations in GitLab]( will make plan more usable for many Agile development teams
- Improvement - For Paid Usage, [Epic Boards]( will allow for much better portfolio management via boards
- Improvement - For Paid Usage, [SSO Group Sync](
- Improvement - For All Usage, [Workspaces](
- Improvement - For All Usage, [Groups/Project Simplification](
- Improvement - For All Usage, [Settings and Navigation improvements](
- TMAU is fully instrumented
status: Complete
- Dev Section Jan 2021 TMAU remained flat MoM and remained down 3.5% from Nov 2020
- Dev Section exceeded TMAU target of 2.73M by 1.4% by end of FY21
- Dev Section Jan 2021 SaaS TMAU bounced back from its Dec 2021 value
- Dev Section Jan 2021 Self-Managed TMAU continues to grow MoM
- Plan Stage Jan 2021 TMAU increased and exceeded its previous highest TMAU value
- Create Stage Jan 2021 TMAU increased and is trending upwards
- Manage Stage Jan 2021 TMAU decreaded MoM
- Work with Data team to better calculate "Estimated Self-Managed Uplift" to help balance out calculations
- Analyze Manage Stage TMAU drop and formulate plan to recapture lost TMAU
metric_name: issues, action_monthly_active_users_project_repo, analytics_unique_visits_for_any_target
chart: 9982128
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