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It is OK to talk over people in the team call.

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......@@ -290,6 +290,7 @@ step, **re-assign** the issue to that person.
* The [Team Agenda]( lists who is meant to speak on which day; this can be altered daily if conflicts arise.
* There is no need to excuse yourself with "I didn't do anything interesting", "I just watched television" or "that's all", it is not a competition. Instead share the most interesting detail, for example what television show you watched, book you are reading, video game you played or what recipe you cooked.
1. Sequence of asking people is in order of joining the company, same as on the [team page]( If there are non-team page people in the call we end with those.
1. It is OK with talk over people or interrupt people to ask questions, cheer for them or show your compassion.
1. Please look if the person you hand over to is present in the participant list so you don't hand over to someone who is not present.
1. Last person wishes everyone a good day.
1. Even if you cannot join the call, read through the team agenda and the links from there. We often use the team call to make announcements or
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