Commit 220cd0bc authored by Brittany Rohde's avatar Brittany Rohde

remove j.v.b

parent 441f723c
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...@@ -35,28 +35,6 @@ extra_css: ...@@ -35,28 +35,6 @@ extra_css:
issue triage lead issue triage lead
.row .row
%hr.hor-line/ %hr.hor-line/
= image_tag "/images/team/jeroen.jpg", class: "img-responsive"
%a{href: ""}
%a{href: ""}
%a{href: ""}
%a{href: ""}
%h2.title Jeroen van Baarsen
= image_tag "/images/merge_marshal/mm_badge_st.png"
.teams.row .teams.row
.col-sm-3.col-md-3 .col-sm-3.col-md-3
.core-team-image .core-team-image
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