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Link to Mattermost docs

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......@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ support for builds skipped via the `[ci skip]` commit message tag.
In this release we've bundled Mattermost, an open source on-premises Slack alternative.
More information can be found in [the announcement](
The current release is in alpha state, so we can't guarantee it will be upgradable and recommend against exposing it to the public Internet.
Activation instructions can be found in the [Omnibus documentation for GitLab Mattermost](
After we announced the Mattermost integration we [saw that RocketChat is also interested in shipping with the GitLab Omnibus packages](
We didn't consider RocketChat since they run on top of MongoDB while we prefer PostgreSQL, but it
......@@ -180,4 +181,4 @@ Access to GitLab Enterprise Edition is included with a [subscription](http://www
No time to upgrade GitLab yourself?
A subscription also entitles you to our upgrade and installation services.
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