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......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ We will be using CultureAmp for our 360 in January and August.
- February 20th - February 21st - Manager or assigned coach to review completed 360 and send results to team member.
- February 22nd - March 7th - Manager and team member 360 review/discussions.
Team members who started at GitLab in the last 90 days are welcome to but not expected to participate in the 360 feedback process. However, you can still use the 360 process to provide feedback around recruiting, onboarding or any other aspect at GitLab. All team member input is valuable.
Managers will be assigned as the coach for their direct reports. It is important that all managers review and send out the 360 feedback within 48 hours once the survey closes and you are sent the results.
**360 via Culture Amp**
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