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title: GitLab Connect New York City
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.header-container-content GitLab Pre-Sales Resource
.wrapper.container{ role: "main" }
%p Are you a partner and have an opportunity we can work together? Maybe you're looking for some enablement and want to learn more on how to better align selling with GitLab. Feel free to reach out via this form, even if it is to do some account planning for instance. We'd love to engage with you and help customers be more successful in DevOps.
%p Please note, due to privacy and confidentiality reasons, we may not be able to disclose some customer information but we will try our best to help where we can.
%h2 Engage with GitLab sellers
%script{src: "//"}
MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "194-VVC-221", 2066, function(form) {
form.onSuccess(function() {
$('.confirmform').attr('style', 'visibility: visible');
return false;
.confirmform{style: "visibility:hidden;"}
%h3 Request received!
%p Thank you for your interest. We will be intouch shortly and look forward to working with you.
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