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1. use channel and publishing date filters to find the posts you're looking for
1. click the outline of the tag icon 🏷, select the tag(s) for the post; the tag icon will now be blue to indicate there are tags added
## Social Media Design
Administrative Details on Social Media Design
### Canva Pro
All members of the social team manage their own login access to Canva Pro. We have shared these logins with the design team as well. For self-service work, we will link to the template URL created by Canva so that team members have quick access to the templates without the risk of logging into the social team accounts or voiding our contract with the vendor.
#### Templates
_Must be logged in to a social team Canva Pro account to edit. Viewable links are available publicly._
- Generic Social Tile Template: [Edit]( / [View](
- Press Release Template: [Edit]( / [View](
- Case Studies Template: Edit / View (coming soon; [Finished Assets Folder Edit Only](
- Monthly Release Post Template: [Edit]( / [View](
- Release Kickoff YouTube Stream Template: [Edit]( / [View](
YouTube Thumbnail Template Folder: [Edit]( (only)
## Other administrative items
### Social channel colors
Please use the following hex colors to represent the channels in reports, in charts, or when calling it out in plain text.
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