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Omnibus 12.8

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# Omnibus and performance (required)
- name: "Omnibus improvements"
available_in: [core, starter, premium, ultimate]
gitlab_com: false
documentation_link: ''
reporter: ljlane
stage: enablement
- 'Omnibus Package'
issue_url: ''
description: |
Omnibus GitLab now includes PostgreSQL 11 as an opt-in version of PostgreSQL. See [the main release post announcement]( for more details.
GitLab 12.8 includes [Mattermost 5.19](, an [open source Slack-alternative]( This release of Mattermost includes faster development cycles with GitLab, Webex plugin, 1-click Mattermost install on DigitalOcean, and [security updates]( Upgrading from earlier versions is recommended.
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