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- As expected, we saw a large jump in Optimize SMAU (38k=>107k) as more customers upgrade to 13.5+
- TMAU is exceeding the target by about 100k users, but SaaS growth only 2.8% (under 4% target) due to flat Plan SMAU and under target Create SMAU. However, paid TMAU for SaaS grew 5%, beating the target of 4% by 20% total.
- We saw a 3.5% drop in Dev Section TMAU between Nov 2020 and Dec 2020. UMAU dropped 5.2% as a reference point.
- Despite the drop, the Dev section has already achieved our end of Q4 target of 2.75M TMAU by 300K users.
- Insight - instances with large amounts of users are unlikely to upgrade immediately, typically taking a few months to do so. So, our larger instances were likely counted as estimated earlier and as the larger instances upgrade, what we'll likely see is that estimated uplift was under reported early. It's difficult to tell if it will be over reported as our largest self-managed instances are unlikely to ever report back. It will be interesting to see how the uplifts change when we base the uplift on users instead of subscriptions.
- TMAU drops were the largest for Create. Plan declined slightly by 3K users and Manage increased by 8K users, most likely because of upgrades as the GMAU was only turned on by default in 13.5.
- Improvement - For All Usage, address the [problems](
that emerged out of the Category Maturity Scorecard exercise for Issue Tracking
and continue making progress on [usability improvements](
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