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Change removing access to Drive

See merge request !1986
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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ When you paste it in an issue it will have checkboxes that you can click to comp
with the account. Switch 2FA back on and save login credentials in 1password.
* [ ] Robert/Jacob/Ernst: upon manager's request (typically 4 weeks after blocking
the Google account), transfer owned documents from Google Drive to
manager, and delete the Google account.
manager, and delete the Google account. (automatically disables Drive access)
* [ ] Robert/Jacob/Ernst: Disable team member in Slack.
* [ ] People Ops: Remove former team member from TriNet and payroll if applicable.
* [ ] People Ops: Reach out to former team member to identify and retrieve any company
......@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ page for further details on that process.
* [ ] Robert/Jacob/Ernst: Remove former team members' account from the [ group](
* [ ] Robert/Jacob/Ernst: Block former team members' [ account]( and remove from [gitlab group](
* [ ] People Ops: Remove access to 1Password.
* [ ] People Ops: Remove team member access to Google Drive.
* [ ] Manager: Remove access to SalesForce.
* [ ] Manager: Remove access to Recurly.
* [ ] Manager: Remove access to Netsuite.
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