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            %h1.jumbo-heading How continuous is <i>your</i> continuous delivery?
            %h3 GitLab offers a complete DevOps platform with built-in Continuous Integration and Delivery.
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              %p <strong>Today's fragmented and complex DevOps toolchains can slow teams down</strong>, delaying releases... and delaying revenue. Learn how a complete DevOps platform in a single application gives your DevOps teams the visibility, collaboration, and speed to truly deliver continuously.
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            %h3 What you will learn 
              %li How a concurrent DevOps framework helps your team write better code and spend less time waiting on tools
              %li Why individual tools lead to silos across your team
              %li How a single application helps your team shift security left and delivery quality code without compromises
              %li How cycle analytics help you improve your speed to market
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