Commit cd0fb040 authored by Craig Miskell's avatar Craig Miskell

Merge branch 'fix-sidekiq-metrics-missing-alert' into 'master'

Fix the SidekiqJobsMetricsMissing alert to only alert when there *should* be...

See merge request !1140
parents a5116bf5 22d6d316
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ groups:
runbook: troubleshooting/
title: Sidekiq stats failed to be scraped for the last minute
- alert: SidekiqJobsMetricsMissing
expr: absent(sidekiq_jobs_completion_time_seconds_bucket)
expr: up{job="mtail", type="sidekiq"} == 1 unless ignoring(le, prog, worker) sidekiq_jobs_completion_time_seconds_bucket
for: 2h
severity: s4
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