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Quick notes on renewing cert; may need updating when a few...

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Rough notes on TLS certs for \*
Actual repos are changing, but it looks like the new single master repo (`gitlab`, was `gitlab-ee`) will be using \* for it's GKE k8s hosted review apps.
The cert for this is stored in a K8S secret. To replace this when it expires:
1. Assume sslmate has autorenewed this
1. sslmate download '\*'
1. Assume the key has remained the same; it's in the secret, and can be left
1. `cat '\*' |base64|tr -d '\n'`
1. * Save this output somewhere handy, briefly
1. `gcloud container clusters get-credentials review-apps-ee --zone us-central1-b --project gitlab-review-apps`
1. * Assumes you have gcloud and kubectl generally installed and working; this adds a cluster config to your .kube/config file, and sets it to be the current context
1. Save the existing secret: `kubectl get secret tls-cert --namespace review-apps-ee -o yaml > old-gitlab-review-app.secret
1. `kubectl edit secret tls-cert --namespace review-apps-ee`
1. Carefully replace the existing tls.crt value with the base64 encoded cert you output above. Leave tls.key alone. Save, quit
This will automatically apply (within a few seconds last time).
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