Commit a1099165 authored by David Smith's avatar David Smith

adding rax account info for ticket severity

parent 9d1420bc
......@@ -14,6 +14,11 @@ Link to Portal
Each SRE team member should have a login to the portal.
Phone numbers should be mentioned on portal landing page - icon with support for phone numbers.
### Making a support ticket:
Pick the Rackspace Ticketing System, Project ID: mgcp-1173105-ticket-escalation. This will allow you to pick a severity.
Short history, due to automation needs from Rackspace, service accounts would need to be made in gitlab-production and we were not okay with that from a security point of view. This temporary project is a workaround to let us pick severity on tickets and will be watched by our support there.
### Priority of GCP projects and cases
GitLab-production project is our SaaS application project and cases there will have the highest Priority.
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