Commit 2be83333 authored by Ashokraj Manikavasagam's avatar Ashokraj Manikavasagam 🇮🇳

Changing description for the alert rule PostgreSQL_ReplicaStaleXmin

parent 857fe1bd
......@@ -174,8 +174,7 @@ groups:
The replication slot {{$labels.slot_name}} on {{$labels.fqdn}} is using
a minimum transaction ID that is {{$value | humanize}} transactions old.
This can cause an increase in dead tuples on the primary. This can be
caused by long-running queries or transactions, or unused replication
slots on a secondary.
caused by long-running transactions on the master or any standby, or unused replication.
runbook: troubleshooting/
- alert: PostgreSQL_LongLivedTransaction
expr: pg_stat_activity_max_tx_duration > 3600
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