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Add alert for omnibus package

See merge request !1080
parents 1c3505cb 03a2d40b
- name: omnibus.rules
- alert: OmnibusPackageUpdatesDisabled
expr: count(omnibus_package_install{enable="true"}) / count(omnibus_package_install) < .25
for: 6h
severity: warn
description: |
At least 75% of the fleet have omnibus package updates disabled.
This prevents automatic package installations for newly provisioned
runbook: troubleshooting/
title: Omnibus package updates have been disabled for over 6 hours
# Omnibus package troubleshooting
## First and foremost
*Don't Panic*
## Symptoms
* Omnibus packages are set to disabled preventing automatic updates
## Troubleshooting
Check the omnibus role for the environment
# Example for the gprd environment
knife role show gprd-omnibus-version
See whether the `enable` attribute is set to `true`.
If it is not, ensure there are not any recent failed deployments by checking the
`#announcements` slack channel or recent [deployer pipelines](
If unsure, contact someone in the delivery team in `#g_delivery` about the error so they can
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