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    Provides a method to take our rules and configure them inside of GKE · c64fd2dd
    John Skarbek authored
    * Template script will convert the file into a PrometheusRules object
      * Uses the filename to name the rule
      * reads in the yaml file and templates it into the Kuberenetes Object
      * Drops this into a new file which will only be loaded to validate
      it's proper yaml
      * We don't perform any further validates on the file, we won't know if
      it fails loading into kubernetes until we actually try.  Dry Run
      attempts do not catch errors in the files
    * To deploy, we'll rely on the Environments feature of GitLab and use a
    Ci/CD pipeline to apply to the correct environment
      * Requires ops to be configured with the following ENV variables for
      each Environment we would deploy too:
          * PROJECT
          * REGION
          * CLUSTER
          * SERVICE_KEY
      * We use a simple for loop to iterate over the generated files to push
      them into kubernetes
    * Modifies a few rules where validation indicated we need strings
    instead of floats
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