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### How to check WAL-E backups are running
### How to check if WAL-E backups are running
1. Log into ``
1. Run `sudo tail -f /var/log/gitlab/postgresql/current | grep --line-buffered wal_`.
WAL-E is running on all machines in the patroni cluster. However, backups are actually happening only from the master. In order to find out which machine is the master, go to the [relevant Grafana dashboard](
Normally, WAL-E will output log lines like the following:
you can check wale logs in two ways:
1. using Kibana (bear in mind that there were cases in the past when logs where not shipped):
- [``](
- index: `pubsub-postgres-inf-gprd`
- document field: `json.tag` with value `db.wale`
2. by logging directly into the VM:
- ssh to the patroni master
- logs are located in `/var/log/gitlab/postgresql/`, the latest log file is most likely called: `wale.log.1` (assumming rotation is happening correctly)
Example of a log entry on a master working correctly:
2019-06-07_16:50:42 patroni-04-db-gprd wal_e.worker.upload INFO MSG: begin archiving a file#012 DETAIL: Uploading "pg_xlog/000000140001003100000077" to "gs://gitlab-gprd-postgres-backup/pitr-wale-v1/wal_005/000000140001003100000077.lzo".#012 STRUCTURED: time=2019-06-07T16:50:42.145335-00 pid=35067 action=push-wal key=gs://gitlab-gprd-postgres-backup/pitr-wale-v1/wal_005/000000140001003100000077.lzo prefix=pitr-wale-v1/ seg=000000140001003100000077 state=begin
Example of log entries on a slave working correctly (no backups are actually happening from slaves):
2019-06-07_00:00:03 patroni-01-db-gprd wal_e.main INFO MSG: starting WAL-E#012 DETAIL: The subcommand is "backup-push".#012 STRUCTURED: time=2019-06-07T00:00:03.077171-00 pid=37922
2019-06-07_00:00:05 patroni-01-db-gprd wal_e.operator.backup WARNING MSG: blocking on sending WAL segments#012 DETAIL: The backup was not completed successfully, but we have to wait anyway. See README: TODO about pg_cancel_backup#012 STRUCTURED: time=2019-06-07T00:00:05.263203-00 pid=37922
2019-06-07_00:00:05 patroni-01-db-gprd wal_e.main ERROR MSG: Could not stop hot backup#012 STRUCTURED: time=2019-06-07T00:00:05.296652-00 pid=37922
### WAL-E is not working
#### WAL-E process stuck ####
WAL-E works by uploading files to a GCS bucket every few seconds. For each upload there should be a log entry.
at the moment of writing, the output from ps that contains the wall-e upload process looks similar to:
2017-07-18_09:35:14.61149 db1 postgresql: wal_e.worker.upload INFO MSG: completed archiving to a file
2017-07-18_09:35:14.61171 db1 postgresql: DETAIL: Archiving to "s3://foo/db1/wal_005/0000000200001AAB00000036.lzo" complete at 11884.8KiB/s.
2017-07-18_09:35:14.61179 db1 postgresql: STRUCTURED: time=2017-07-18T09:35:14.610853-00 pid=15626 action=push-wal key=s3://foo/db1/wal_005/0000000200001AAB00000036.lzo prefix=db1/ rate=11884.8 seg=0000000200001AAB00000036 state=complete
(...) /opt/wal-e/bin/python /opt/wal-e/bin/wal-e wal-push (...)
If you don't see any log entries and there is a wal-e upload process hanging for a long time, consider checking the state of the process with `strace`. If it's not doing anything, consider killing the wal-e upload process. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! After killing the process the backups should resume immediately.
#### Other ####
If WAL-E is not working, it will probably be something related with the network or S3.
PostgreSQL is configured to archive to WAL-E upon some conditions, as specified via Chef:
......@@ -19,7 +48,8 @@ PostgreSQL is configured to archive to WAL-E upon some conditions, as specified
archive_command: /usr/bin/envdir /etc/wal-e.d/env /opt/wal-e/bin/wal-e wal-push %p
### I got an alert but WAL-E is working
### WAL-E is working (but I still got paged)
The problem might be `mtail`.
1. Check `mtail` is working with `sudo sv status mtail`
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