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# GitLab Hosted CodeSandbox
we were asked to create a bucket and CDN for a GitLab hosted CodeSandbox.
[CodeSandbox]( is JavaScript that enables live preview
updates on our web IDE using JavaScript for client-side rendering. We intend to
enable this for with release 12.1 and will be available to
self-hosted customers using a [configuration
in the admin panel.
## Set Up
We have created the `gitlab-gprd-codesandbox` bucket in the `gitlab-production`
project on GCP. Because the files there are public and will be consumed by
everyone, the bucket is set to public. The CDN frontend domain is and is set up in Fastly with TLS under the
name ``.
It was decided that none of the above would be in terraform as it did not fit
into our current model of terraform and will likely never be touched.
## Deployment (tentative)
The method of deployment to this bucket is still being researched and decided
upon, however the initial plan is to create a simple CI pipeline that does the
1. `npm install smooshpack`
1. Copy `node_modules/smooshpack/sandpack` to the bucket.
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