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# Email signatures for recruiting
## Notes
* Related issue [here.](
* General instructions in the handbook for creating an email signature can be found [here.](/handbook/tools-and-tips/#email-signature)
* Please consider these all suggestions and make your signature your own!
## Things to consider adding to your signature
### Your location
If it’s not already on your signature, including your location is helpful to show how global our team is today.
### Your LinkedIn or Twitter profile
Choose a channel you use for recruiting and link to it under your title.
E.g. “Let’s connect on LinkedIn” with hyperlink
E.g. “Follow me on Twitter” with hyperlink
### Tagline or short blurb about GitLab hiring
See examples below. If it makes more sense for the team you support, you could include a more product-related tagline.
**Join our global, all-remote team.** <br>
[Browse jobs]( | [About GitLab]( | [Our handbook](
**We’re hiring. Learn more about life at GitLab.** <br>
[Browse jobs]( | [About GitLab]( | [Our handbook](
**Help the world build better software.** <br>
[Browse jobs]( | [About GitLab]( | [Our handbook](
### Links
Add 2-4 related hyperlinks about life at GitLab, our vacancies, the team you support, etc. Here are a few other suggestions of places to link:
* [Vacancies]( (jobs page)
* [Handbook](
* [GitLab Culture](
* [All-remote work](
* [Our values](
* [Products](
* (handbook link or page for team you support)
**Example screenshots in [this doc.](**
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