The GitLab Partner Tech Chat is a regular series of meetings, where topics of interest to the Partner community are discussed.

The GitLab Partner Tech Chat Project is used to facilitate the identification and selection of topics for discussion, using GitLab Issues to record, discuss, and importantly to allow partners to (up-)vote those topics that are of specific interest.

Topics may be proposed by GitLab, but we strongly welcome and encourage partners to both identify topics of interest, and, where they have particular expertise and/or a good story/example, to also to participate in the presentation of the topic for the benefit of the wider partner community.

Suggested topics can include a mix of functional, soft skill, and technical.

The Partner Tech-Chat Board shows the current status of all topics - please review Open and In-Review items and add comments / up-vote any that are of interest to you.

If you wish to add a new topic, create a new Issue, using the 'Request Partner Tech Chat Topic' template, and complete the relevant details.

If you wish to participate in presenting a topic, whether raised by yourself or another partner, please add the label Partner-Contribution to the issue, and add your details to the description.

Open and In-Review issues will be reviewed by the GitLab Partner team, and during each Tech Chat meeting will briefly discuss those topics under consideration for subsequent inclusion in the series.

If unable to attend, TechChat events are recorded and made available via the GitLab Partner Portal