GitLab Marketing

All things marketing.

Repository SUPERPOWERS 🌠

Please put all exported folders in the hosted directory. That way you can shuffle the rest of your repository around without breaking links!

  • Semi automatic Sketch spec previews with Continuous Integration

Whenever you create a spec preview folder with the Sketch Measure Plugin, append spec-previews to the name of the generated directory and it will be visible by an URL. Search in https://gitlab-com.gitlab.io/marketing/

  • Automatic live Framer prototypes with Continuous Integration

Whenever you save a Framer prototype in this repository and commit push it to GitLab, it will automatically be hosted in the same way as the spec previews superpower. See them live at https://gitlab-com.gitlab.io/marketing/

  • Standalone Live Html Previews

*By using the wget command: wget -kN --html-extension URL or wget -E -p -k URL you can create a standalone working HTML page of the GitLab view you want. Just change the name of the file to index.html and append html-previews to the name of the directory it will be inside of. Good luck! (No guarantees with this one!)