Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • zero trust
    For issues, architecture reviews, audits and any other work related to Zero Trust:
  • workflowverification
  • workflowvalidation backlog
  • workflowsolution validation
  • workflowscheduling
  • workflowready for review
    Merge requests which are ready to be reviewed and can be reviewed by any team-member with sufficient knowledge in the given area. For reviewing the merge request just assign to yourself and remove this label.
  • workflowready for development
  • workflowproblem validation
  • workflowplanning breakdown
  • workflowinQA
  • workflowdesign
  • workflowblocked
    Issues that are blocked until another issue has been completed
  • workflowapprovedbyQA
  • workflowIn review
    Issues that are undergoing code review by the development team and/or undergoing design review by the UX team
  • workflowIn dev
    Issues that are actively being worked on by a developer
  • workflow-infrafinVerify
    verify that the work is completed and the impact is within expectations
  • workflow-infrafinStalled
    Indicates the issue has voluntary been put on hold because work is being done on higher priority items
  • workflow-infrafinInvestigation In Progress
  • workflow-infrafinImplementation In Progress
    Indicates that the fix or feature is currently being implemented
  • workflow-infrafinDone