Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • BT Integrations Roadmap
    High level BT Integrations tag for roadmap issues and epics. Not to be used for granular work, see BT Integrations::Backlog and BT Integrations::Kanban instead
  • BT IntegrationsBacklog
    Business Technology Integrations Backlog
  • BT IntegrationsKanban
    Add to the Kanban board
  • BT PS Hold
    Items not ready or on hold/delayed.
  • BT Roadmap
    BT Roadmap
  • BT RoadmapFinance
  • BT RoadmapMarketing
  • BT RoadmapSales
  • BT RoadmapTechnology
  • BT Stage 0-Assessment
    This stage is essentially a backlog of proposals which are subject to review.
  • BT Stage 1-Discovery
    Business Technology Scoping
  • BT Stage 2-Planning
    Business Technology Formal Project Plan and Stakeholder Sign Off
  • BT Stage 3-Action
    Business Technology Implementation Projects
  • BT Stage 4-Strike
    Business Technology End of Project Activities
  • BT-FYI
    No direct action needed from Business Technology but awareness for potential support/questions
  • BT-KRData KR
    Business Technology Data Team
  • BT-KRData No KR
    Business Technology Group Data Team No KR
  • BT-KREnterprise Application KR
    Business Technology Enterprise Application KR
  • BT-KREnterprise Application No KR
    Business Technology Enterprise Application No KR
  • BT-KRIT Compliance KR