Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Alliances - Salesforce
  • Alliances - SuSE & Rancher
    All things pertaining to the SuSE & Rancher Labs / Gitlab partnership. Alliances led. Ping @vkelkar for questions.
  • Alliances - VMware
    All issues that relate to VMware
  • Alliances-PubSec
    Alliances for Public Sector Team
  • Analyst Relations
  • Analyst Roadshow
    For use in organizing analyst roadshow beginning in Fall 2019.
  • Announcements
    Mark issues used for announcements
  • AnnualPolicyReviewCompleted
  • AnnualPolicyReviewPending
  • Application Limits
  • Architecture decision
    Architecture review for cross functional collaboration.
  • BML-attention
  • BSA
    BSA work
  • BSS
    Business Systems Specialist work
  • BT Data Team
  • BT FY21Q3 OKRs
  • BT FY21Q4 OKRs
  • BT FY22Q1 OKRs
  • BT FinSys Q3 FY21
  • BT Finance Systems
    For anything related to a Finance System (i.e. Zuora, Netsuite, Tipalti, Expensify, etc.). Catch all to ensure a Finance Systems Admin is aware and can triage as necessary.