Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • AccessReviewCreated
    Creation of Access Review
  • AccessReviewReviewed
    Review completed of access review
  • AccessReviewUpdated
    Update to access review and will shift back to reviewer to review again
  • Account Based Marketing
    Issues & Epics related to Account Based Marketing
  • Account Based Strategy
    label to track issues and epics the ABS team needs to interact with
  • Accounting
  • Actionable Insight
    This is an actionable research insight derived from a UX research study. This insight has some kind of action or to-do associated with it, as a result of the UX research.
  • Alert Fatigue
    Issues and merge requests related to reducing the number of false and non-actionable alerts generated on
  • All-Remote Team
    All-Remote Team will add this label to issues we are tracking.
  • Alliance
    Overall Alliance issue label pertaining to any technology partner GTM.
  • Alliance - Co-Innovation
    Work pertaining to a technology partner and related solution / product.
  • Alliance - Co-Marketing
    Work pertaining to a technology partner and joint marketing
  • Alliance - Co-Selling
    Work pertaining to a technology partner and selling together.
  • Alliance - DigitalOcean
  • Alliance - Ecosystem
    Label for all ecosystem partner updates and issues to
  • Alliance - Marketplace
    Work pertaining to a technology partner and marketplace
  • Alliance - OKR FY'21 Q4
    Pertaining to Alliance OKRs for FY'21 Q4
  • Alliance - OKR FY'22 Q1
    Alliance Team OKRs for CY 2021 Feb - Apr
  • Alliance - Priority P0
    Immediate revenue impacting and time sensitive.
  • Alliance - Priority P1
    Strategic to short term alliance goals.