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add topic to primary readme. reference black hat talk.

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......@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ At GitLab one of our six [core values](
* [Escalating Privileges & Plundering GCP](
* [Privilege Escalation in Google Cloud Platform's OS Login](/oslogin-privesc-june-2020/)
### Talks
* [Black Hat USA 2020 - Token-Hunter and gitrob: Hunting for Secrets](./blackhat2020-hunting-for-secrets/)
### Tools
* [GitRob](
## Black Hat USA 2020 - Arsenal - Token-Hunter and gitrob: Hunting for Secrets
Contains slides and other artifacts from Greg Johnsons' talk on hunting for secrets with new tool, [Token-Hunter](, and a modified version of [gitrob](
- [Talk Slides Download](./BH-USA2020-Arsenal-HuntingForSecrets.key)
- [Talk Outline and Notes](./bh-2020-talk-outline.txt)
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