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Replace rollback link with Delivery team runbook link

John Skarbek requested to merge jts/link-delivery into master
  • During a recent Firedrill, it was noted that we linked specifically to rollbacks, but this is not something SRE's are comfortable with today
  • Let's replace this with the runbook leveraged by Delivery
    • It is likely that when a high severity incident is begun, Delivery will likely be roped in anyways
    • Let's quickly link to the official starting point for that member of Delivery
    • This runbooks branches out to either the Hot Patching or the Rollback as options that the Delivery team member can evaluate when assisting SRE's with options
    • Having this quickly available also helps ensure that SRE's and Delivery team members are looking at the same reference material

Address: delivery#2661 (closed)

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