Prioritized Labels

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  • RootCauseConfig-Change
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of a configuration change (a change other than a feature flag being toggled) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • changescheduled
    Change plans that are ready and scheduled for execution. See / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • incident / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • oncall report / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • IncidentActive
    Indicates that the incident labeled is active and ongoing. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • review-requested
    Indicates that that the incident would benefit from undergoing additional review. All S1 incidents are required to have a review. Additionally, anyone including the EOC can request an incident review on any severity issue. Although the review will help to derive corrective actions, it is expected that corrective actions are filled whether or not a review is requested. If an incident does not have any corrective actions, this is probably a good reason to request a review for additional discussion. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • IncidentMitigated
    Indicates that the incident has been mitigated, but immediate post-incident activity may be ongoing (monitoring, messaging, etc.) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseExternal-Dependency
    Denotes a precipitating root cause resulting from the failure of a dependency external to GitLab, including various service providers. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • changein-progress
    This label indicates that a change from a Change Management issue is in progress. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • IncidentResolved
    Resolved - Indicates that SRE engagement with the incident has ended and is fully operational. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseFeature-Flag
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of a feature flag toggled in some way (off or on or a new percentage or target was chosen for the feature flag) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseMalicious-Traffic
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of deliberate malicious activity targeted at GitLab or customers of GitLab (e.g. DDoS) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • IncidentReview-Scheduled
    Review-Scheduled Indicates that an incident review writeup is required (S1/S2) or requested and that the review has been added to the agenda for an upcoming review meeting. / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseRelease-Compatibility
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of forward- or backwards-compatibility issues between subsequent releases of the software running concurrently, and sharing state, in a single environment (ie, Canary and Main stage releases) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • IncidentReview-Completed
    Review-Completed Indicates that an incident review writeup has been completed (the review was discussed in a review meeting and all notes from that meeting have been added to the review write-up). / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseSPoF
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of the failure of a service or component which is an architectural SPoF (Single Point of Failure) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseSaturation
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of a failure resulting from a service or component which failed to scale in response to increasing demand (whether or not it was expected) / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseSoftware-Change
    Denotes a precipitating root cause of a feature or other code change / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • RootCauseSecurity
    an incident where the SIRT team was engaged, generally via a request originating from the SIRT team or in a situation where Reliability has paged SIRT to assist in the mitigation of an incident not caused by `~RootCause::Malicious-Traffic` / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • Other Labels

  • (perceived) data loss
    An event that is seen as data loss from an external user / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production
  • 2021Q1 Latency Degradation
  • 22Q1-okr-fp&a
  • ABM
    Created by Jackie Gragnola on 2021-11-16 to use in prioritization for ABM, and milestone maintenance.
    Issues that the Account Based team should be aware of but are not the DRI for
  • ABM Nomination
    Used to track accounts nominated for account based marketing
  • AR-ApprovalNeeds Manager Approval
    Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • AR-ChangeFunctional
    Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Functional Change
  • AR-ChangeNon-Functional
    Access Request Baseline Entitlement Template Non-Functional Change
  • ARIn Queue
    Access Requests with assigned, approval labels, and ready to go
  • ARNeeds info
    this access request needs information to move forward
  • AROn hold
    Access Request pending licenses
  • ATAM
    Part of the Annual Total Addressable Market review
    AW Issues Tracker
  • AccessReviewClosed
    Completion of an access review
  • AccessReviewCreated
    Creation of Access Review
  • AccessReviewReviewed
    Review completed of access review
  • AccessReviewUpdated
    Update to access review and will shift back to reviewer to review again
  • Accounting
  • Actionable Insight
    This is an actionable research insight derived from a UX research study. This insight has some kind of action or to-do associated with it, as a result of the UX research.