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      Lesson 6: Added a new lesson for merging · d27b4aba
      Git for Teams authored
      It doesn't make sense to leave merging until later in the series.
      Incorporating lessons here for:
      - fetch + merge vs. pull
      - merging with --no-ff to force a true merge (and add a commit)
      - default merge strategy (fast forward if possible) which re-aligns the
        commits as if they'd always been in place, and does not force a new
        commit message (there is a commit message if a fast forward isn't
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      Lesson 8: Enhancing notes for git stash · e5683daf
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      The notes were insufficient for this lesson, so I've fixed them. You
      need to include the commit hash for an example commit that's bad
      (broken) and an example commit that's working (good). If you don't
      specify a "bad" commit id, Git will assume that the latest commit for
      is "bad". It's better if you can be explicit with both in case there's
      something funky going on.
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      Lesson 8: expanding descriptions · bc101c8d
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      - Finding Relative History with Git Log
      - Finding the Last Working State with Bisect
      - Finding the History of a File with Blame
      - Using Stash to Work on an Emergency Bug Fix
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      Lesson 7: Expanding notes on tags · 396bde1d
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      Lessons are now as follows:
      - Listing, Adding, and Deleting Tags
      - Checking Out Tags
      - Recovering from a Detached HEAD State
      - Sharing Tags
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      Lesson 6: Branching. Expanded descriptions. · 542adf09
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      - Listing all branches; updating the list of branches wwith fetch
      - Using a different branch; setting up tracking
      - Establishing your branching strategy (Scheduled Deployment; CD)
      - Creating a Topic Branch
      - Pushing your changes to the remote repository and verifying your work
        was uploaded
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      Lesson 5: Extending notes for starting a local repository · 5395a0d3
      Emma Jane authored
      Added notes on how to use:
      - git init
      - git add
      - git commit
      Moved the lesson for copying repositories to the next lesson on remotes,
      as copying a repository will bring with it remotes (which is a problem
      if the remote you're copying connects to someone else's code hosting