Commit 255a271f authored by Git for Teams's avatar Git for Teams

Lessons were renumbered to match O'Reilly conventions.

Intro is actually lesson "zero" by the ORM convention. Shuffling all
lessons so recordings match any numbers used in the publications.
parent 45b438c9
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
# Create a single PDF out of all known files. Must update the makefile.
# Opted to not use recursion because I didn't actually want all README
# files from the cookbooks
FILES := 01-intro/ 02-getting-started/ 03-clone-remote/ 04-config/ 05-init-local/ 06-connect-remote/ 07-branches/ 08-tags/ 09-find-and-fix/ 10-rollback-reset/ 11-rebase/ 12-github/ 13-bitbucket/
FILES := 00-intro/ 01-getting-started/ 02-clone-remote/ 03-config/ 04-init-local/ 05-connect-remote/ 06-branches/ 07-tags/ 08-find-and-fix/ 09-rollback-reset/ 10-rebase/ 11-github/ 12-bitbucket/
once :
pandoc $(FILES) -o README.pdf
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