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    1. Introduction
       Warm-up exercise
    2. Getting Started
       Using GitLab
    3. Downloading a Remote Repository
       Using clone
    4. Getting Started as a Team of One
       Using init, add
    5. Connecting to Remote Repositories
       Different ways to (re)connect files
    6. Working with Branches
       One-issue-per-branch workflow
    7. Working with Tags
       Dealing with detached head state
    8. Finding and Fixing Bugs
       Using log, bisect, blame, stash
    9. Rollbacks, Resets, and Undoing Your Work
       Amend, Checkout, Reset, Revert
       Rebase, Rerere
    11.Collaborating on GitHub
       Fork, Web UI, Issues, Pull Request
    12.Collaborating on BitBucket
       Fork, Issues, Merge Requests
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