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      Fix path to PDF file (hopefully) in all conditions · 3584933c
      Matthieu Moy authored
      We need the code to work
      * When the command is called from the toplevel ($git_prefix empty) or
      * With --whole-tree or not
      * With --build-dir (relative) or not
      We do need to cd to the place in new/ corresponding to where the
      command was called in the original repository to allow using
      "$builddir/$mainbase".pdf as a relative path, but we need to compute
      $builddir properly in all cases. This patch should do this.
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      Merge branch 'recurse_submodules' into 'master' · b651f3f3
      Matthieu Moy authored
      Compatibility with recursive submodules.
      See merge request !15
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      revamp the --bibtex and --biber options · 07cf4ec3
      Matthieu Moy authored
      --bibtex and --biber were just running bibtex and biber on the
      resulting diff, but this is rarely what users want. What --bbl does is
      much more sensible: it generates *.bbl files on old and new versions,
      and use these *.bbl to compute the diff. No run of bibtex or biber is
      needed on the diff, since the *.bbl are latexpand-ed into the *.tex
      source file.
      Change the meaning of --bibtex and --biber to do what --bbl used to
      do. --bbl is now an alias for --bibtex, and --biber does the same as
      --bbl, but using biber to generate the *.bbl file.
      Old, essentially broken options are kept with different names
      --run-bibtex and --run-biber, but I suspect to one is really using
      them. We break backward compatibility, but the benefit of having short
      and sweet option names for things that work should be higher than the
      cost of backward compatibility.
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      Run biber when --bbl --biber is given · 4b4c0f75
      Matthieu Moy authored
      There are two places in the code where bibtex/biber are run: when
      compiling the diff, with --biber or --bibtex, and when preparing the
      old and new, before latexpand-ing the *.bbl file. Only the first was
      sensitive respecting the --biber option.