Expanding aliases in zsh

I wanted to make some of my zsh aliases behave like vim abbreviations: Namely, as soon as you press space, the alias is expanded and you see the expanded command before executing it. Since I have a large number of clunky aliases, I didn’t want all aliases to be expanded by default.

Consequently, I came up with the following (based on something I first saw here.

typeset -a ealiases

function ealias()
    alias $1

function expand-ealias()
    if [[ $LBUFFER =~ "\<(${(j:|:)ealiases})\$" ]]; then
        zle _expand_alias
        zle expand-word
    zle magic-space

zle -N expand-ealias

bindkey -M viins ' '        expand-ealias
bindkey -M viins '^ '       magic-space     # control-space to bypass completion
bindkey -M isearch " "      magic-space     # normal space during searches

The last three bindkey commands are assuming you are primarily using VI mode. If you’re not, you might need to either remove the -M viins above, or replace it with -M emacs, etc.

Finally, to define an expandable alias use ealias. The syntax of ealias is the same as that of alias For example, I use

ealias gc='git commit'
ealias gp='git push'

Now typing gc in a position where zsh expands a command will appear like you typed git commit.


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