Commit 7561126a authored by GI's avatar GI

Made external projects submodules

parent 6e520d11
[submodule "ext/src/Python-Markdown"]
path = ext/src/Python-Markdown
url =
[submodule "ext/src/jinja"]
path = ext/src/jinja
url =
[submodule "ext/src/easywatch"]
path = ext/src/easywatch
url =
[submodule "ext/src/jinja2_markdown"]
path = ext/src/jinja2_markdown
url =
[submodule "ext/src/python-markdown-math"]
path = ext/src/python-markdown-math
url =
[submodule "ext/src/staticjinja"]
path = ext/src/staticjinja
url =
Subproject commit 88a97b9fc0a6dfa5c872d135c613496bb71e5cc4
Subproject commit a0b5aef8adb1af7bd2ee0ff033f0997d11ee138b
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