Commit 95f0cb68 authored by Jens Getreu's avatar Jens Getreu

add command-line-test

parent 79d7b928
......@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@ target
cargo test \
&& echo Cargo test succeeded. \
|| ( echo Cargo test failed. && exit 1 )
cd ./test
# We search for `?`.
../target/debug/stringsext -q 16 -g 63 -tx -a All-Ctrl -u Common -e UTF-8 -e utf-16le -e utf-16be input > output
diff output expected_output \
&& echo Commandline test succeeded. \
|| echo Commandline test failed.

60 (a UTF-8) d My Cheese? is
>60+ (a UTF-8) a simple parable
80+ (a UTF-8) that reveals pr
>80+ (a UTF-8) ofound truths
500 (a UTF-8) ed My Cheese?
<fe0 (a UTF-8) "How so?" Nathan
>fe0+ (a UTF-8) asked.
1580 (a UTF-8) heese?"
15e0 (a UTF-8) y? Maybe we can
>15e0+ (a UTF-8) get something fr
1600+ (a UTF-8) om it."
2f40 (a UTF-8) My Cheese? throu
>2f40+ (a UTF-8) gh the adv
2f60+ (a UTF-8) entures of Sniff
>2f60+ (a UTF-8) , Scurry, Hem an
2f80+ (a UTF-8) d Haw, as a way
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