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......@@ -382,6 +382,31 @@ The ASCII-character GREP, searched with the "`--grep_char`" option, must appear
in the first "`--output-line-len`" bytes to be reliably found in long strings.
Increase "`--output-line-len`" if you search for very long strings.
## Limitations related to the encoding_rs library
**stringsext** version 2 uses the external library **encoding_rs** to decode
the incoming stream. Compared to the previous library **rust-encoding**
used in **stringsext** version 1, the current library has some shortcomings
mainly due to the restrictive API policy of the **encoding_rs** project.
1. **stringsext** could be faster, if **encoding_rs** were extensible
(**rust-encoding** was): [feature request: ASCII-filter · Issue #46 ·
2. **stringsext**'s location counter could be more precise if the encoder
state were observable: [Enhancement: get read access to the decoder's
inner state · Issue #48 ·
3. **stringsext**'s encoding list could be more up to date, if **encoding_rs**'
list were `public`: [Make encoding lists public by getreu · Pull Request
#47 ·
While being desirable, the **stringsext** project does not have the required
resources to maintain a fork of **encoding_rs**.
**Project website:** <>
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