Commit d1344561 authored by gerd's avatar gerd

release 2.1.4

git-svn-id: f54c9a64-0731-4a92-b797-30fd5898f27c
parent 903f522e
......@@ -78,7 +78,12 @@ Copyright holders are Joachim Schrod NPC GmbH and Gerd Stolpmann.</p>
<title>Version History</title>
<li><p><em>Version 2.1.4:</em>Port to OCamlnet-4</p>
<li><p><em>Version 2.1.4:</em>Port to OCamlnet-4. (This version
also contains some developments concerning catalogs not released before.
Their status is unknown.)</p>
<li><p><em>Version 2.1.3:</em>Port to Netcgi2</p>
<li><p><em>Version 2.1.2:</em> Fixes in ui:ifexpr, ui:select</p>
......@@ -104,8 +104,6 @@ f src/wdialog/stdlib.xml
x src/wdialog/
x src/wdialog/
x src/wdialog/
x src/wdialog/
f src/wdialog/wd_brexpr_lex.mlu
p src/wdialog/.*\.ml
p src/wdialog/.*\.mli
p src/wdialog/.*\.dtd
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