Commit 2aa82c95 authored by stolpmann's avatar stolpmann

New location of ocamldoc.sty

git-svn-id: f54c9a64-0731-4a92-b797-30fd5898f27c
parent 11fcb06c
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ manual: Makefile *.xml
manual_ltx: Makefile *.xml
cd $(DEST_LTX) && presentation -latex -ocamldoc $(DEST_REV)/ref.xml
cd $(DEST_LTX) && \
odoc=`ocamlc -where`/ocamldoc && \
odoc=`cd "$(WDIALOG)/tmp" && /bin/pwd` && \
TEXINPUTS=".:$$odoc:" pdflatex ref.tex
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