Commit 729c9b52 authored by stolpmann's avatar stolpmann

Fix camlidl and O'Caml 3.06

git-svn-id: f54c9a64-0731-4a92-b797-30fd5898f27c
parent 975cbe65
......@@ -394,7 +394,8 @@ make install
(installs in the standard library directory of Caml), followed by
cp runtime/ $OCAMLLIB
(O'Caml 3.04:) cp runtime/ $OCAMLLIB
(O'Caml 3.06:) cp runtime/ $OCAMLLIB/stublibs
(replace $OCAMLLIB by the path you entered in the Makefile), followed by
......@@ -402,10 +403,6 @@ ocamlfind install camlidl META
such that findlib knows about camlidl.
<p>Copy the file to the directory you have specified
by -perl-libdir during configuration.</p>
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