Commit 11fcb06c authored by stolpmann's avatar stolpmann


git-svn-id: f54c9a64-0731-4a92-b797-30fd5898f27c
parent 98646186
......@@ -128,12 +128,9 @@ d src/wd-session-daemon
f src/wd-session-daemon/Makefile
f src/wd-session-daemon/
f src/wd-session-daemon/README
f src/wd-session-daemon/
f src/wd-session-daemon/wd_daemon_session.mli
f src/wd-session-daemon/wdstated.x
f src/wd-session-daemon/
f src/wd-session-daemon/
f src/wd-session-daemon/
p src/wd-session-daemon/.*\.ml
p src/wd-session-daemon/.*\.mli
d src/wdialog-perlguts
f src/wdialog-perlguts/Makefile
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