Commit 6ea89121 authored by gerd's avatar gerd

Updated "dist"

git-svn-id: 56444827-45db-0310-81c6-95464f7ca4c4
parent 7dbf348c
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ RELEASE: META
.PHONY: dist
r=`head -1 RELEASE`; cd ..; gtar czf $(NAME)-$$r.tar.gz --exclude='*/CVS*' --exclude="*/depend.pkg" --exclude="*/depend" $(NAME)
r=`head -1 RELEASE`; find . ! -type d | grep -v .svn | godi_pax -w -f ../$(NAME)-$$r.tar.gz -x tar -z -s ":\.:$(NAME)-$$r:"
.PHONY: tag-release
tag-release: RELEASE
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