Commit 9d8af80b authored by gerd's avatar gerd

Fix doc bug (T. Wahl)

git-svn-id:[email protected] dbe99aee-44db-0310-b2b3-d33182c8eb97
parent 91cbf089
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ validation, however, a complete DTD object is required. The solution
is to replace the DTD object by a different one. As the DTD object is
referenced from all nodes of the tree, and thus intricately connected
with it, the only way to do so is to copy the entire tree. The
function {!Pxp_marshal.relocate_document} can be used for this type of
function {!Pxp_marshal.relocate_subtree} can be used for this type of
copy operation.
We assume here that we can get the replacement DTD from an external
......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ Now the validation against a different DTD is done by:
let rdtd_source = Pxp_types.from_file "file.dtd"
let rdtd = Pxp_dtd_parser.parse_dtd_entity config rdtd_source
let () = rdtd # set_root "start"
let vroot = Pxp_marshal.relocate_document doc#root rdtd spec
let vroot = Pxp_marshal.relocate_subtree doc#root rdtd spec
let () = Pxp_document.validate vroot
let vdoc = new Pxp_document.document config.warner config.encoding
let () = vdoc#init_root vroot doc#raw_root_name
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