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Simple example: Parse a file and represent it as tree
Compile statement
- With/without validation. Validate later.
- as tree, as stream of events, as self-defined low-profile tree
- tree representation options: super root nodes, comments, PI's,
ignorable whitespace
- get rid of all whitespace
- parse from string instead of file
- change encodings (external/internal)
- save memory options
- checking IDREF's, and create ID indexes
- namespaces
- using custom classes for tree nodes
- embed the tree into the source code with the preprocessor
- resolve by catalogs
Not possible:
- get entities as references
- represent CDATA sections
......@@ -2013,6 +2013,9 @@ val normalize : 'ext node -> unit
(** Normalizes the tree denoted by [startnode] such that
* neither empty data nodes nor adjacent data nodes exist. Normalization
* works in-place.
* The tree parsers always return normalized trees. This function may
* still be useful to enforce normalized trees after modifying them.
(******************************** validation *****************************)
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