Commit 44db43e3 authored by gerd's avatar gerd


git-svn-id: f6fe576d-e0d0-0310-b8e7-f4ac0f1a5269
parent 34cc3fa2
......@@ -27,24 +27,31 @@ f README
f Makefile
f Makefile.code
f configure
f ChangeLog
f const.mlp
x wtimer.ui
x wd_application_2.dtd
f wef.dtd
f gpl.html
p .*\.ml
p .*\.mli
p .*\.ui
p .*\.xml
p .*\.png
p .*\.js
p .*\.css
p .*\.jpeg
d src
f src/Makefile
f src/Makefile.code
x src/
f src/const.mlp
x src/wtimer.ui
x src/wd_application_2.dtd
f src/wef.dtd
p src/.*\.ml
p src/.*\.mli
p src/.*\.ui
p src/.*\.xml
p src/.*\.png
p src/.*\.js
p src/.*\.css
p src/.*\.jpeg
d static
f static/Makefile
p static/.*\.html
p static/.*\.png
p static/.*\.jpeg
d doc
f doc/layout.txt
......@@ -56,8 +63,9 @@ f ajp/jakarta/
d ddl
f ddl/Makefile
f ddl/Makefile.db
p ddl/.*\.sql
d testdata
p testdata/.*\.xml
d src/testdata
p src/testdata/.*\.xml
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