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git-svn-id: 55289a75-7b90-4627-9e07-ffb4263930b2
parent 1cd51734
......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@ The GPL may even infect programs when they are only distributed within
a company. The exact interpretation of the GPL depends very much of
the applicable copyright law.
It is possible to get Plasma under different ("commercial") license
conditions. Please write to with a subject
line of "Plasma license" if you would like to get more information,
such as pricing or the license text.
It is possible to get Plasma under different license
conditions. Please write to with a subject line
of "Plasma license" if you would like to get more information, such as
pricing or the license text.
{2 GPL text}
# SYNTAX OF plasma.files:
# include this subdirectory
# include this file (or symlink)
# exclude this file
# include all files of the directory that match the regular expression
# FILEPATTERN (Str-type regexp)
# output a warning if one of the matching files matches
# Exclusions must be mentioned before inclusions.
f configure
f Makefile
f OMakefile
f OMakeroot
d ipc
p ipc/.*\.x
d sql
p sql/Makefile
p sql/namenode.sql
d src
f src/OMakefile
f src/deldir
d src/bitv
f src/bitv/PLASMA
f src/bitv/README
f src/bitv/LGPL
f src/bitv/LICENSE
f src/bitv/CHANGES
f src/bitv/COPYING
f src/bitv/META
f src/bitv/OMakefile
f src/bitv/
f src/bitv/bitv.mli
d src/postgresql
f src/postgresql/README.txt
f src/postgresql/AUTHORS
f src/postgresql/PLASMA
f src/postgresql/LICENSE
f src/postgresql/META
f src/postgresql/Changelog
f src/postgresql/OMakefile
f src/postgresql/postgresql.mli
f src/postgresql/
f src/postgresql/postgresql_stubs.c
d src/mr_framework
f src/mr_framework/OMakefile
f src/mr_framework/META
f src/mr_framework/mapred_rpc.x
x src/mr_framework/
x src/mr_framework/mapred_rpc_aux.mli
x src/mr_framework/
x src/mr_framework/mapred_rpc_clnt.mli
x src/mr_framework/
x src/mr_framework/mapred_rpc_srv.mli
p src/mr_framework/.*\.ml
p src/mr_framework/.*\.mli
d src/mr_platform
f src/mr_platform/OMakefile
f src/mr_platform/META
f src/mr_platform/platform_c.c
f src/mr_platform/
f src/mr_platform/platform.mli
d src/pfs_admin
f src/pfs_admin/OMakefile
f src/pfs_admin/
f src/pfs_admin/
d src/pfs_daemon
f src/pfs_daemon/OMakefile
f src/pfs_daemon/
d src/pfs_datanode
f src/pfs_datanode/OMakefile
f src/pfs_datanode/META
p src/pfs_datanode/.*\.ml
p src/pfs_datanode/.*\.mli
d src/pfs_namenode
f src/pfs_namenode/OMakefile
f src/pfs_namenode/META
p src/pfs_namenode/.*\.ml
p src/pfs_namenode/.*\.mli
d src/pfs_nfs3
f src/pfs_nfs3/OMakefile
f src/pfs_nfs3/META
f src/pfs_nfs3/
f src/pfs_nfs3/
f src/pfs_nfs3/nfs3.x
d src/pfs_support
f src/pfs_support/OMakefile
f src/pfs_support/META
f src/pfs_support/
f src/pfs_support/pfs_db.mli
f src/pfs_support/pfs_rpcapi.x
d src/plasmaclient
f src/plasmaclient/OMakefile
f src/plasmaclient/META
x src/plasmaclient/
x src/plasmaclient/plasma_rpcapi_aux.mli
x src/plasmaclient/
x src/plasmaclient/plasma_rpcapi_clnt.mli
x src/plasmaclient/
x src/plasmaclient/plasma_rpcapi_srv.mli
f src/plasmaclient/plasma_rpcapi.x
p src/plasmaclient/.*\.ml
p src/plasmaclient/.*\.mli
d src/plasmasupport
f src/plasmasupport/OMakefile
f src/plasmasupport/META
p src/plasmasupport/.*\.ml
p src/plasmasupport/.*\.mli
d clusterconfig
p clusterconfig/.*\.sh
f clusterconfig/inst.conf
d clusterconfig/instances
d clusterconfig/instances/template
p clusterconfig/instances/template/.*\.conf
p clusterconfig/instances/template/.*\.hosts
p clusterconfig/instances/template/.*\.sh
d doc
d doc/html
p doc/html/.*\.html
p doc/html/.*\.css
p doc/html/.*\.png
#! /bin/sh
set -e
version=`./configure -version 2>/dev/null`
mkdir -p packages
rm -rf "packages/$destdir"
makepkg -spec plasma.files -intree . -outtree "packages/$destdir"
(cd packages; tar czf "$destdir.tar.gz" "$destdir")
echo "Wrote packages/$destdir.tar.gz"
# Checking for svn:
status=$(svn status | grep -v '^\?' || true )
if [ -n "$status" ]; then
echo "Error: svn status not clean"
exit 1
printf "Tag revision (y/n)? "
read answer
case "$answer" in
svn cp$version
echo "New tag:$version"
echo "Nothing tagged."
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