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  • v0.1.4   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.1.4
    33688c80 · Release v0.1.4 ·
    Release v0.1.4


    • Update library versions.
    • Add IRI version whitelist and blacklist.
    • Fix swagger docs.
    • Add new command validators.
    • Add rate limiting per command content.
    • Implement aggregated getNodeInfo.
    • Adapt POW check to new getNodeInfo API.
    • Improve logging style.
    • Change node naming restrictions.
    • Log user agent.
    • Remove pre 1.6 compatibility for gTTA.
    • Reactivate connection pooling (error was firewall related).
    • Replace reactor log appender with logback.
    • Fix address equality check.
    • Add option to restrict registration to requests to origin from the node's address.
    • Pow node authorization header.
    • Add possibility to rename node with unique key.
    • Add node key for unique identification.
    • Add endpoint for node info per node name.
    • Refactor node selection and retry.
    • Prefer POW nodes for attachToTangle.
  • v0.1.3   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.1.3
    f4abdcbc · Release v0.1.3 ·
    Release v0.1.3


    • Fix memory leak.
    • Add POW nodes.
    • Add docker support.
    • Add swagger for nodes registration endpoint.
    • Make Trinity POW check on node change pass.
    • Allow configuration to exclude certain IPs from rate limiting.
    • Improve retry handling.
    • Allow target configuration for GET / request.
    • Add /nodes endpoint that shows information about all registered nodes.
    • Admin endpoint for unregistering nodes by name.
    • Update spring and reactor version.

    Download piri release artifact via the cloud/download symbol to the right (or top).

    • md5sum 7f05677a08bbd4c815887b9af20e2c3c piri-0.1.3.jar
    • sha256sum aab8672b3c66be4ea2328872470d64576907feae11b584de14d3c156890e5290 piri-0.1.3.jar
  • v0.1.2   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.1.2
    da836cd9 · Update version to 0.1.2 ·
    Release v0.1.2

    Added rate limiting to defend against DOS and strong spamming.

    • Global rate limits
    • Rate limits per IP
    • Rate limits per IP for certain commands

    Click to download: Download v.0.1.2

    • md5sum ff8f4c44b2ab74b0f1a26e3bc6424d6e piri-0.1.2.jar
    • sha256sum 75c3f5b7c1b24502eda661b0d5f4585a2beb26b8298874fc9c8c447d7a2facda piri-0.1.2.jar
  • v0.1.1   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.1.1
    6e1c1e01 · Release v0.1.1 ·
    Release v0.1.1

    Fixes Issue #12 ... can use forwarded proxy header information for session binding now.

    Download v0.1.1

    • md5sum: 5e9af9181858e30dff087ff4f8edfe94 piri-0.1.1.jar
    • sha256sum: 468ed50789d9c8e250ff8a35be5998fa0761f33f3edf28b4afe97d8d47e509fe piri-0.1.1.jar
  • v0.1.0   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.1.0
    3c9799b0 · Increase version number. ·
    Release v0.1.0

    Add API for registering and unregistering nodes (see Wiki).

    Download v0.1.0

    • md5sum: 273dd337c16a9d02247c8f4e5f9489e2 piri-0.1.0.jar
    • sha256sum: 3fdea361565d59009337e23c453cd065fb963d8c9e173a513afd6e7ab62705c9 piri-0.1.0.jar

    Known Issues

    • don't use this version with a proxy, like nginx or haproxy in front as load balancing won't work properly.
  • v0.0.1   [maven-scm] copy for tag v0.0.1
    5ad8b868 · Release v0.0.1 ·