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pyeumap Workflow

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......@@ -13,6 +14,21 @@ eumap is a library to enable easier access to EU environmental maps and function
It implements efficient spatial and spatiotemporal overlay, High Performance Computing, extends the Ensemble Machine Learning algorithms developed within the [mlr3]( framework.
eumap builds upon various existing softare, especially on GDAL, R and Python packages for spatial analysis and Machine Learning libraries.
pyeumap Workflow
![pyeumap Workflow](img/pyeumap_workflow.png)
The workflow implemented by pyeumap 1) fills all the gaps for diferent remote sensing time-series, 2) does the space time overlay of point samples on several raster layers according to the reference date, 3) trains and evaluate a machine learning model, and 4) does the space time predictions for a specific target variable. These processing steps are [demonstrate](demo/python) using a [benchmark dataset for land-cover classification]( in diferent areas of the EU
This image presents the output of the gap filing approach for an area located in Croatia (tile 9529). This image refers to a Landsat temporal composites for the 2010 fall season, however all the 4 seasons since 2000 were analysed to fill the gaps.
![pyeumap Workflow](img/gapfill_example.png)
This animation shows the land-cover classes for an area located in Sweden (tile 22497) according to the space time predictions. This example is a small use case that used 680 point samples, obtained in different years, to train a single model and to predict the land-cover in the region over the time.
![pyeumap Workflow](img/land_cover_predictions.gif)
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